Scenario: Looking to have a list of Standard Maintenance Group Items and Last Done info on the EM Equipment Form

Requirements: None

Example Solution:

  1. Open the VA Inquiries form
  2. Enter udEMStandardMaintenanceItems in the Query Name field
  3. Enter Equipment Standard Maintenance Items in the title and description fields
  4. Type = SQL
  5. Query Text list at the bottom.
  6. Change Column as desired in Columns tab
  7. Setup Parameters as follows:
    1. @EQ, Type = 4, Datatype = bEquip
    2. @EMCo, Type 0, Value = 1, Datatype = bEMCo
  8. Save and Open EMEquipmentForm Inquiry
  9. On Links tab add udEMStandardMaintenanceItems in Related Query Field
  10. Set Display Seq = 1
  11. Double Click the udEMStandardMaintenanceItems record to load the Inquiry links form and set @EQ = Equipment and @EMCo to use default value.
  12. Open EM Equipment Form
  13. Open Form Properties from the Tools menu
  14. Add a tab page Maintenance Items on the Tab Pages tab.
  15. Select Maintenance Items tab and click edit
  16. Set Control Type to 3 and select
    udEMStandardMaintenanceItems in the Query Name field.
  17. Save and close/reopen forms.
  18. Test tab to validate functionality.
select s.StdMaintGroup, s.Description as GroupDescription, i.Description as ItemDescription, i.LastDoneDate, i.LastHourMeter, i.LastOdometer

FROM bEMSH s (Nolock) 

      on s.Equipment = e.Equipment and s.EMCo = e.EMCo 

      on s.Equipment = i.Equipment and s.EMCo = i.EMCo and  
      s.StdMaintGroup = i.StdMaintGroup where s.Equipment = @EQ 
      and s.EMCo = @EMCo