Scenario: Looking to restrict the lookup values based on the active status of the SM Customer

Requirements: These steps assume that you own the UD Module. If you don’t own the UD Module, you could perform steps 1-4 with a SQL script.

Example Solution:

  1. Open UD User Defined Lookups form
  2. Copy the Lookup by going to File>Copy Lookup
  3. In the Copy form, select SMServiceSites as the Source Lookup and input SMServiceSites as the Destination Lookup (Vista will add ud to the start of the name) and Custom SM Service Sites as the Destination Lookup Title. Then Click the Copy Button.
  4. In the Where Clause add the following text AND SMCustomerInfo.Active=’Y’
  5. Open the SM Work Orders form
  6. Select the Site Field and Press F3 to launch the field properties.
  7. Open the Lookup tab of field Properties.
  8. Add udSMServiceSites to the lookup list with -1,’Y’ as the parameters and the Active box Checked.
  9. Deactivate the standard lookup by unchecking the Active box.
  10. Test the lookup to make sure it functions as expected.
  11. If necessary deactivate the user defined lookup and reactivate the standard lookup to restore default Vista behavior.