Vista Customization-Unlock Locked Batch

Below is an example of a stored procedure that allows a stuck batch to be reopened. This can allow you to reopen the batch without access to the SQL Server or having to call Viewpoint Support. SQL Server access and appropriate permissions are required to install this stored procedure. It's always a good idea to test customizations in a test environment before installing on your live environment.

  1. Run the script in the PDF file here on your SQL Server Viewpoint database to install the Stored Procedure.
  2. Create a Custom Button in VA Custom Form Buttons.
    1. Form: HQBC
    2. Button ID: Next ID (+ for New)
    3. Text: Unlock Batch
    4. Action Type: Stored Procedure
    5. Action: uspUnlockBatch
    6. Button Refresh: Refresh Data Set
    7. Set Parameters on Parameters Tab (this passes the batch info from the HQ Batch Control form to the Stored Procedure)
      1. ID: 1, Name: @Co, DefaultType: 3, Default Value: 0
      2. ID: 2, Name: @mth, DefaultType: 3, Default Value: 10
      3. ID: 3, Name: @batchID, DefaultType: 3, Default Value: 20
      4. ID: 4, Name: @msg, DefaultType: 0, Default Value: No Error
  3. Open the HQ Batch Control form and move the Custom Button to desired location.
  4. Test to ensure it works as desired.

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