Situation: Company has upgraded to a new version of Viewpoint Vista and has concerns with the new version of the reports.

Resolution: We can restore a copy of the 6.17 report file as an additional report in the Vista menu. This requires a backup of the report file. Some companies have been able to get the 6.17 version of the report file from Vista Support. If you don’t have a backup and you can’t get the file from Vista support, feel free to contact me.


  1. Open RP Report Titles and Find the Report that you need to Copy (i.e. Report ID: 506 JC Detail.)
  2. Click the Copy Report Button (lower right corner of the screen)
  3. Change the Report Title to a new title (i.e. JC Detail V6.17 or Custom JC Detail).
  4. Ensure the File Location is set to a custom location, not the standard Vista report folders. I prefer to have subfolders under the custom folder, but it’s not required.
  5. Modify the File name if desired.
  6. Make sure you are copying the security & assigned modules in the lower right.
  7. Press the Copy button when you are ready.
  8. Find your backup of the 6.17 reports and copy the 6.17 version of the report you are looking to restore (i.e. JCDetail.rpt).
  9. Now go to your Viewpoint Repository Reports folder and find the custom folder. Paste the file to be restored into the Custom folder or subfolder as you setup in RP Report Titles.
  10. Copy the file name of the report you copied in Vista. (i.e. customjcdetail.rpt). Copy the name of the file then rename the file (i.e. CopiedReport.rpt or customjcdetail.rpt.old).
  11. Now select the restored file and click rename then paste the correct file name into the restored file name.
  12. Test the report to make sure you can run it as expected.